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small business loan - Taala Fund

“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.”
by Chief Seattle, 1854

small business loan


The micro and small business loans are for small business owners that might not otherwise be able to secure a loan.  Micro and small business loans can be used to purchase inventory and materials, equipment, real estate if it’s for the primary purpose of operating a business, working capital, and acquisition of assets of an existing business.  The micro business loan has a maximum amount of $12,000 and a small business loan has a current maximum amount of $40,000, although that maximum number will grow as Taala Fund’s lending dollars grow.

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Loan applicant must be a resident of the Quinault Indian Reservation or an enrolled member of the Quinault Indian Nation.
  • Applicant must complete an assessment and application, have verifiable income, complete a business plan, and attend business classes as directed by their training plan (the Business Coach works with the customer to identify training needs and creates a training plan.)
  • Applicant must read the loan application carefully to determine other requirements.

Loan terms

Loans terms are based on the remaining useful life of the collateral as identified in the loan policies. The interest rate ranges from 7.25% to 12.5% based on the customer’s risk rating.  (Rates may change on a quarterly basis based on the federal prime rate.)  Collateral value after discount must be at least 50% of loan amount.


  • Pre-Loan:
    • Schedule a meeting with the Loan “Coach” to assess customer’s needs and go over loan application
    • Complete financial education and credit training.
    • Complete loan application, including all required attachments.
    • Create a five-year financial plan.
  • Loan
    • Loan Committee approves loan.
    • Sign loan documents & secure collateral.
    • Proceeds of loan are paid directly to verified past-due creditors.
    • Automatic payments, if applicable, are set up.
  • Post-Loan
    • Meet with Taala Fund Financial Advisor monthly or as otherwise indicated in the loan agreement documents.
    • Run annual credit checks and review with customer.

Small Business Loan Application